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Welcome to the Center for Vibrational Medicine

The Center for Vibrational Medicine is a wellness collective offering the most sophisticated treatments available in Bio-Resonance diagnostics and therapy. 

In addition, we offer integrative holistic modalities that harmonize the energetic balance of the body to support, strengthen and optimize your internal healing mechanisms.


Bioresonance Therapy

Cutting-edge technology that entrains the body to engage it's natural healing processes.

Other Vibrational Frequency Therapies 

Sound therapy, vibe-acoustic therapy, violet ray, and more.

Conscious Relationship Coaching

Dive deeper and learn strategies for consciously interacting with romantic partners, family, co-workers, and friends.


Life Coaching & Emotional Intergration

Self-empowerment, life coaching & emotional healing process work. 

Nutritional Coaching & Detoxification

A service in which you are educated and empowered towards healthier cooking and snacking. Learn to be in tune with your body. 

Massage Therapy & Bodywork 

Therapeutic bodywork, intuitive massage therapy, energy work, and more.


Movement, Meditation & Breathwork

Deeper healing through body consciousness, movement, and breath coaching. 


A selection of important resources to empower you in your life and health journey. 


 A selection of Pure Agua-Mins. 


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